Pseudoscience and Neuromyths in ELT

Phrenology – a textbook example of a psuedoscience
[EDIT – We have been informed that that Russell Mayne (@ebefl) will be dropping by during this session!]
The recent IATEFL conference in Liverpool produced a number of wonderful presentations as usual. Luckily, some of the #AusELT community were able to these sessions online. One of the sessions that had a lot of people talking was Russell Mayne’s session titled ‘A guide to psuedo-science in English language teaching’. In this session he explores a number of commonly accepted concepts including learning styles, multiple intelligences and neuro-linguistic programming. His session explores the rise of these ‘neuromyths’, how to identify them and their credibility, or lack thereof. Watching his IATEFL presentation will be the ‘required reading’ for our next #AusELT chat session. 
The next #AusELT chat session will be on Thursday May 1st and it will be run as another slow burn. This means that the session will once again run from 10am to 10 pm AEST.

Any comments?

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