Websites & Blogs

A collection of websites and blogs useful for Australasian English language teachers

  • All Down Under – cool site with all things traditionally Aussie. Look in the ‘Uniquely Australian‘ section to find resources on events, slang, food, and style. Quizzes and history also available.
  • Open Sauce English Resources – also from Jason Renshaw
    ‘Open Sauce’ (or Open Source) collection of lesson building materials designed to help you mix and match activity ingredients to create different kinds of classroom learning recipes…
    These resources come with screencast tutorials suggesting and demonstrating different ways to choose and apply your ingredients, along with worksheet templates you can download and adapt as you please.
  • Refugee Stories – Researchers for Asylum Seekers
    a celebration of refugees positive contributions to Australia. Read and or listen to the stories of a group of refugees who have all made a big impact on some sector of Australian society. Inspiration for this page came from Karen MacNamara, and Mike Smith from Brisbane.
  • Australia Plus
    “Produced by the ABC, shares stories that reveal the culture, life and society of Australia to inform, inspire and include the diverse audiences of Australia and our region.”
  • The Australian Audio Guide
    Looking for good audio content for listening activities, or to recommend to your advanced students for self-study? The Australian Audio Guide would be a good place to start. Browse podcasts and radio programs by theme:
    (Note: This link only gets you to the podcast home page – you would need to browse/search there for specific separate episodes.)