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PD Event Calendar

#AusELT PD Calendar – What are you doing for PD this month?

This calendar is crowd-sourced by the #AusELT community, and includes MOOCs, webinars, conferences, article discussion groups, Twitter chats…anything related to ELT PD in Australia and New Zealand or online at a realistic time for ELTs in our region.

Also includes details and links to past events, going back to April 2014.

#AusELT Facebook Group

The Facebook group provides instant access to a supportive community of teachers, trainers & managers. Join us to discuss, debate, share ideas & ask questions.

Most of the action here is ad hoc, and can be started by any of the members of the #AusELT community.  We also host discussions on journal articles from the English Australia Journal soon after the publication of each issue.

#AusELT Facebook Group

#AusELT on Twitter

You can check the #AusELT hashtag on Twitter at anytime to find and/or share news, resources and ideas relevant to ELTs in Australasia.

And in one hectic but productive hour each month, join in the #AusELT Twitter chats which bring Australasian ELT professionals together to share ideas, experiences and resources on a selected topic. Chats take place on the first Sunday of every month, from February to November each year.  The chat topics are chosen by members of the #AusELT community or nominated by a special guest (previous guests include Scott Thornbury, Jim Scrivener and Adrian Underhill, Paul Driver and Andy Hockley).

See our Twitter page for full details.

ELT Professional Associations

See our ELT Associations page for a list of professional associations for English language teachers and colleges in Australia and New Zealand.  This includes details of the professional development organised by each association, such as conferences and journals.

Podcasts for Teachers

Australasian podcasts on language and linguistics that we think will be of interest to English language teachers

  • Inside Language on Inside Story
    A podcast series from Inside Story featuring Kate Burridge
  • A Word in Your Ear on 612 ABC Brisbane
    “Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex walks you through the linguistic mindfield, explaining the weird and wonderful aspects of English and many other languages.”
  • Word for Word from Macquarie Dictionary
    “Join us as we explore our language: the ways we use it, the ways we abuse it, and the ways we ultimately change it.”
  • The Expressionists
    A podcast produced by Helen Rydstrand and Olivia Rosenman which discusses the meaning, origin and use of everyday expressions, sayings and idioms. 15 to 20 minute chats about cocks and bulls, foot putting, short shrift and roos loose in the top paddock and lots more. You can also sign up to receive a fortnightly Expressionists newsletter and occasional extra idiom tidbits.
  • Lingthusiasm
    A podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics by Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne (this sneaks into #AusELT by virtue of the fact that Lauren is a Melbourne-based linguist).

  • British Council Teacher Development
    information about BC training courses, CPD framework, publications, research database and many other resources to help with professional development
  • Cambridge English Teacher
    courses, webinars, discussions, and more
  • #ELTchat
    a global ELT online community
  • elt-resourceful
    Rachael Roberts’ blog on creating ELT and ESOL materials
  • Guide to Best Practice in Managing Professional Development in ELICOS
    One of the ‘Best Practice Guides’ produced by English Australia, this guide “covers a number of areas relating to professional development management in ELICOS. For most areas there are examples of good practice carried out by member college staff, and there are five case studies detailing responses to common challenges identified in the project survey or particularly innovative approaches to PD management.”
  • IATEFL Teacher Development SIG blog
  • International Teacher Development Institute
    live online workshops, chats and advanced teaching skill courses
  • Macmilan English webinars
    a regular program of free webinars, plus archived recordings of past webinars
  • Teacher Training Unplugged
    Anthony Gaughan’s blog
  • Teacher Training Videos
    Russell Stannard’s collection of training videos for ELT and more.
  • Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET)
    The ADCET website is the first place to look for information for teaching students with disabilities. “In order to facilitate successful outcomes and improve the educational experience for students with disability, ADCET provides information, advice and resources to disability practitioners, academics, teachers and students on inclusive practices within the post-secondary education sector.”
    Most resources for teachers are found under Inclusive Teaching, which includes sections on: Understanding Disability,  Specific Disabilities, Working with Students, Teaching and Assessment, Policy and Administration, IR Symposium.

    There is also a section for Students With Disability, which teachers could use to support learners on their own educational journey.
    ADCET also host Webinars periodically and you can access recordings and resources on their website.