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Materials-light teaching (why and how) – #AusELT Twitter chat, 5th June 2016

Our June 2016 #AusELT Twitter chat Materials-light teaching (why and how).

This chat has now taken place. Click here to read the chat transcript.

Poll now closed, and the winner (with more votes than the other topics combined) is…

Materials-light teaching (why and how)

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Upcoming: #AusELT Twitter chat Thursday 3 September 2015: LGBTQIA issues in course-books and classrooms


Our next #AusELT chat will look at LGBTQIA issues in course-books and classrooms. While some communities and countries are moving rapidly towards greater equality and acceptance, others go more slowly, and there are places where it isn’t safe to identify as LGBTQIA at all. From these communities and countries come our students (and also our teachers) into classrooms which are diverse in more ways than just nationality mix.

Things to consider:

The course-books that we use are, for the most part, heteronormative in their content. How could those who identify as LGBTQIA be better represented?

Does the language that we teach need to change to reflect growing equality and acceptance?

What issues are faced by LGBTQIA teachers and students and those who study and work with them?

A brief introduction to the topic can be found in the pre-reading below: