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Teacher Motivation & Recharging your Batteries – #AusELT Twitter chat, 6th November 2016

Read the summary for some great ideas and links on how to make your teaching life a more positive and fruitful one. Managers will also find some guidance on how to build teacher motivation in the workplace.

Themes which emerged were:

  • What motivates you? (Managers take note!)
    • Feeling valued and supported
    • Working with great people
  • How can you recharge your own batteries?
    • Take a holiday – without your phone
    • Get some work-life balance
    • Do things that give you a sense of achievement
    • Spread positivity
    • Be mindful
    • Re-ignite the passion for teaching
    • Get a mentor / Mentor others
    • Start a project
    • Take time to unwind
    • Be grateful

Read the transcript for a summary of the chat.

Happy 2017!

@cioccas’s glorious summary of last month’s #AusELT chat: Motivating General English students to write

Photo credit: Paolo Camera on flickr

A huge thanks on behalf of the whole #AusELT community for Lesley Cioccarelli’s monumental efforts in providing the summary for our vibrant chat in June on General English students and writing.

You can read Lesley’s summary here.