Professional Development

PD calendars

#AusELT PD Calendar – What are you doing for PD this month?

Our very own calendar of upcoming events recommended by the #AusELT community. The events take place online or within Australia and New Zealand. The calendar includes:

  • Twitter chats
  • article discussion groups
  • MOOCs
  • webinars
  • conferences
  • workshops

If you know of other PD events in Australasia, please post details on the #AusELT Facebook group and/or Twitter using the #AusELT hashtag, and we will add them here.

The [global] ELT Event Calendar

To see (or add to) Tyson Seburn’s calendar of ELT conferences and events around the world, click here.

Professional associations

To find out more about professional associations in Australia and New Zealand, please visit the #AusELT ELT Associations page.

PD Resources

For more professional development resources for ELTs in Australia and New Zealand, please visit the #AusELT PD Resources page.


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