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AusELT Twitter Chat 13 Oct: Where PD is taking us in 2019

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What events have you attended, and which topics grabbed your attention?

What PD events have you presented at, and on which topic?

What are your take-aways, about changes in your thinking and in your practice?

Join us for a slow-burn Twitter chat all day Sunday, using the tag #AusELT. The topic is timely, given all the PD events this year. Some people in the community are more active on Twitter than Facebook, and vice versa, so a chat on Twitter is a good place to make new connections as well as share resources and thoughts.

This leisurely style of chat means you can send a tweet, read and comment any time from 10am AEDT onwards, dropping in at different times to see what’s happening.

Check the starting time in your zone here.

For links to many of the events of 2019 so far, click here.

New to #AusELT? New to Twitter? If you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with any of the #AusELT admin team on Facebook or Twitter (eg @SophiaKhan4 and @Clare_M_ELT) or by leaving a comment below. Here are some posts that should also help you get started:


2019 Professional Development Opportunities

Here is a collection of many of the opportunities for PD we have had so far in 2019. Please let the admin of the month know about any we can add, and any links which could be added.

AusELT picture

AusELT Twitter Chat Feb 3

Learning from our students


PD West Sat March 9

Building Creativity, Building Skills, Building Academic English Skills, Building Community


AusELT Twitter chat Empowerment and Teachers 7 Apr


NEAS Management Conference Sydney May 8-10

Leadership in ASEAN and Australia: Influencers in ELT

UECA PD Fest Sydney Sat Apr 13

Innovate! Delivery, Assessment, Support and Services in EAP and Pathway programs


AusELT Twitter chat June 2

Transferability of Skills


AusELT article discussion June

From feedback to backfeed: Increasing student engagement with feedback: Bianka Malecka UNSW Global


UECA Assessment Symposium Brisbane July 13-14


MeetELT Melbourne Aug 14

IDEA: Innovate, Digitalise, Engage, Activate

MeetELT Sydney 28 Aug



English Australia Conference 2019 Melbourne Sept 18-20

‘Engage, Include, Adapt’


ACAL Conference 2019 Sydney Oct 4-5

Australian Council for Adult Literacy Conference

Critical re-imagining: adult literacy and numeracy practices for sustainable development



UECA PD Fest Melbourne Oct 26

Shape: Tech, Academic, Social and Cultural Engagement


ALTAANZ / ALAA / ALANZ Conference 2019 Nov 25-27

Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching: Making Connections


AALL Biennial Conference Fremantle Nov 27-29

Association for Academic Language and Learning


And ongoing

English Australia

Webinars upcoming and past


Action Research information


Continuing Professional Development Framework / CPDF resources


Special Interest Groups / SIGs


Journals current and past


Guides to Best Practice



Workshops, webinars and online learning



Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Aotearoa NZ


Transferability of skills AusELT Twitter chat 2 June 2019 8.30pm AEST

AusELT Twitter chat 2 June 2019

Fancy joining us for a bit of a chat tonight?

Check the time in your zone here.

UPDATE This chat has taken place – read the record here but will not doubt continue elsewhere. 

There are a number of higher education institutions working with ELT trainers and teachers building capacity of educators working with international and domestic students in non-ELT disciplines here. So, this topic seems one worth exploring.

These chats can take off in any direction but here are some questions that may be thrown into the mix to get you thinking.

  • What skills did you bring with you when you began in ELT?
  • Which ones have you developed along the way?
  • What are the strategies and skills which ELTs generally need and use?
  • What are some examples of these needed and used in another teaching context (non-ELT, higher education or otherwise)?
  • Which of these are transferable to teaching in other subjects / disciplines (non-ELT, higher education or otherwise)?
  • How could this transfer of strategies and skills be facilitated?
  • How about the skills and strategies you’ve acquired through connections with non-ELT teachers and academics?
  • What’s happening in PD at your place re developing skills and strategies (as opposed to building awareness of content knowledge)?

New to #AusELT? New to Twitter? If you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with any of the #AusELT admin team on Facebook or Twitter (eg @SophiaKhan4 and @Clare_M_ELT) or by leaving a comment below. Here are some posts that should also help you get started:

Photo and post by @Clare_M_ELT