Share your favourite topics for speaking & writing tasks or activities: upcoming #AusELT Twitter chat – 3 April 2016

Our next Twitter chat (THIS Sunday at 8:30pm AEST*), is going to be one of sharing!

Specifically sharing topics and themes for writing and speaking activities and tasks.

Ones that have worked well… and also ones to avoid.

To keep the ideas rolling, during the hour of the chat you can make requests, such as

  • What are your best topics for writing reports?
  • What works best for ’compare & contrast’?
  • What topics work well for a spoken debate?

Of course we won’t just be sharing topics, but also ideas for activities & resources to bring those topics to life.

Join us to share your favourite topics and to discover new ones.

We’re going to be discussing this on Sunday 3rd April at 8.30 pm AEST (Sydney*) time (click here to see the time where you are).

(* Don’t forget, daylight saving finishes this Sunday – well, for those who live in states that save daylight that is)

If you would like some help getting started with Twitter, click here. You can also follow me Lesley Cioccarelli (@cioccas) and Nicki Blake (@Penultimate_K) and a number of other #AusELT members – tweet to us for help and we’ll look after you!

This post by @cioccas

“Photos taken from by @yearinthelifeof, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license,”

Any comments?

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