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#AusELT Twitter chat Empowerment and Teachers 7th Apr 2019

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 2.50.57 AMThis chat has concluded. See the comments collated via Wakelet here.

Every 2 months is a chance for #AusELTers to get together on Twitter for a chat about something related to teaching and learning in our context. We’re due for one this Sunday at 8.30pm AEST – click here to see the time where you are.

Here are some of the things we’ve been talking about recently. Please vote on what you’d be most interested in discussing on Sunday!

Please get in touch if you would like to get involved but aren’t sure how to use Twitter. See our quick guide here.

Poll: Last #AusELT chat of 2016!


That went fast…

It’s already time for our last Twitter chat of this year (we usually take a little break over December and January as so many people are away) – and the topic is up to you! Please vote in the poll below and we’ll announce the winner on our Facebook page and on Twitter towards the end of next week. The chat will take place on Sunday 6th Nov at 8.30pm Sydney time (click here to see the time where you are).

If you are not sure about Twitter and need a hand to get started, do message me on Facebook or Twitter (@sophiakhan4) or by leaving a comment below.

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What would you like to talk about on Thurs 5th Feb?

Well, we’ve just about recovered from December and January – time to get back on the horse!

The first #AusELT Twitter chat of 2015 is scheduled for Thurs 5th Feb at 8.30pm Sydney time (click here to check the time where you are).

We had a few interesting suggestions for topics:

Group work

There’s more to this than meets the eye. We could discuss: what works, what doesn’t; how to group; who to group; group projects/ homework (in/out of classroom); group management; etc. (thanks Lesley Cioccarelli for these ideas). If this appeals, you might also want to have a look at this blog post which recently attracted a big positive response on social media: (thanks Phil Chappell for sharing).

Writing with lower levels

Writing is often a neglected skill, and in particular, teachers often seem to be struggling to get lower-level students writing. We could talk about foundations for writing, helping students with literacy needs, and helping Academic English students bring their writing level up, as well as what activities, book and other resources have helped. If this interests you, why not also take a look at the summary of an #AusELT chat on motivating General English students to write.

Reading tasks and methods

What kind of reading do we do in class? Are we really teaching sub skills of reading beyond “gist” and “detail” and if so, what? Can we teach reading more effectively? Does phonics have a role in the English language reading classroom? The ideas here are different to last year’s discussion of extensive reading, and recently provoked some discussion on the #AusELT Facebook page.

So without further ado, please vote for the topic you would most like to talk about on Thursday using the poll below. Results will be announced on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday.

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Next Twitter chat 06/11/2014 – voting now open.

The next #AusELT Twitter chat will take place on Thursday November 6 at 8.30pm AEDT (the D stands for daylight saving!) and voting for a discussion topic is now open. You can cast your vote using the link below.