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Group Work – #AusELT Twitter chat, 30 April 2015

Conditions for Group Flow in the Second Language Classroom: Slide from Phil Chappell's presentation at UECA PD Fest 2015

Slide from Phil Chappell’s presentation at UECA PD Fest 2015 (*)

View transcript of Twitter chat here

Questions discussed during the chat:

  • Why should group work be used in the language classroom, in your view?
  • Composition of groups – who and how?
  • How can group work ‘go wrong’ and how can we avoid and address problems?
  • How to monitor group work?
  • Are there inter-personal (and/or intra-personal) reasons for group work beyond ‘practice’?
  • When do you find group work most useful? Collaborative work? Brainstorming?
  • How does group work relate to other stages of the language lesson?
  • What are good practices for setting up a group activity and also for closing it?

View transcript of Twitter chat here

Some additional reading:

Chappell, P.J. (2016) ‘Creativity through Inquiry Dialogue ‘, in Richards, J.C. and Jones, R (eds) Creativity in Language Teaching: Perspectives from Research and Practice. pp. 130-145. London: Routledge.