Learning from our students #AusELT Twitter chat Sunday 3 Feb 2019 8.30-9.30pm AEDT


auselt twitter chat visualTo kick off the new year, we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned from students recently, say over the last year.

What have you learned? How did this come about? What impact did this have? Did you share it with anyone else? What’s the best way to record such experiences? How do we keep building on these insights?

How can we open up more opportunities to learn from our students?

A simple topic, but powerful.

Please join us Sunday 3rd Feb 2019 8.30pm-9.30pm AEDT (eg in Sydney and Canberra). You can check your local time here.

New to #AusELT? New to Twitter? If you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with any of the #AusELT admin team on Facebook or Twitter (eg @SophiaKhan4) or by leaving a comment below. Here are some posts that should also help you get started:

·        Need help with Twitter?`

·        #AusELT 1-page guide to Twitter

·        So you have a Twitter account – now what?  (from Cult of Pedagogy)

 Photo and post by @Clare_M_ELT  



Any comments?

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