Discrimination against non-native English speaking teachers – #AusELT Twitter chat, 5th March 2017

In our Twitter chat for March 2017, we discussed discrimination against non-native English speaking teachers. This chat has now taken place – unfortunately there is no transcript/summary of this chat, but please check the links below, and you might be interested in a similar chat from 2016: Native speakerism in ELT in Australasia – #AusELT Twitter chat 1st May 2016 .

Have a look at the following questions and links to prepare for the chat.


  • Why should we be concerned by this topic?
  • Why would students from abroad pay to study in Australia, only to be taught by a teacher from their home country or a surrounding country?
  • Do students need a native speaker to acquire native sounding accent?
  • Is a native sounding accent really important?
  • What can we do about discrimination, and why is it important to do something?


You’ll see we had a similar chat last year, so a quick read through that (link above) would allow us to really move the topic forward.

For those new to Twitter chats, these posts should get you started:

If you are not sure about Twitter and need a hand to get started, do message Gerhard on Facebook or Twitter (@heimuoshutaiwan) or by leaving a comment below.

Any comments?

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