Addressing literacy issues in very low / pre-literate learners – #AusELT Twitter chat, 3 July 2016

**This chat took place on Jul 3rd 2016. Many great ideas and resources were shared. To read the transcript and access the links, please click here.**

This chat looked at how we can addressing literacy issues in very low / pre-literate learners, and also strategies, tools and resources for pre-literate learners.

Some initial questions for the #AusELT Twitter chat at 8.30pm on Sunday, July 3rd.

  • Q1: What is a pre-literate learner?
  • Q2: What are the literacy basics?
  • Q3: How do we approach / begin teaching pre-literate learners?
  • Q4: What tools can help support pre-literate learners?
  • Q5: What tips / strategies can you suggest for addressing literacy issues in pre-lit learners?
  • Q6: How do you manage a multi-level literacy class?
  • Q7: Can you recommend any useful resources for helping pre-literate learners?

Remember when you answer to add A1, A2, A3 etc. to show which question you are answering. This makes it easy to follow the chat when it’s moving quickly.

Any comments?

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