Writers wanted!


Ok, so you know you had that New Year’s Resolution to do something different with PD in 2016? (Of course you do!) How about writing for the #AusELT blog?

This could be a good way to spread your wings a little bit if:

  • you have done something great in your classroom/school lately and want to share it
  • you have had something not go so well that you’d like to reflect on and discuss
  • you simply have thoughts on an issue related to English language teaching and learning that you’d like to start a discussion on
  • you have done a presentation or workshop recently that you’d like to share more widely
  • you are thinking of setting up a professional blog of your own
  • you are thinking of writing for the English Australia Journal or another ELT publication

Blog posts are generally around 500-1000 words, and can be written as if you were speaking to a friend or colleague. You can include ideas for further reading if you like, and/or end by adding a question to readers.

Here are some examples of things #AusELT members have written about previously:




You can see that it is pretty varied! Write what you know – or don’t know but would like to explore – it’s all food for thought for the rest of us 🙂

If you are interested, leave a comment below, or contact any of the admin team on Facebook, contact me on Twitter or send an email here. Thanks for reading – now start writing!

This post by @sophiakhan4

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