Pre-chat ideas: How to get a successful peer observation program up and running

Time to get the brain cells firing for tonight’s chat: How to get a successful peer observation program (POP) up and running.

We’ll play it by ear in the chat, but here are some questions to get you thinking:

Getting ready

– What is the value of peer observations?

– What do teachers need to know before the POP is implemented?

– How can you get teachers do view the POP positively?

The nitty gritty

– Should teachers chose their own partner? 

– What about cover, pay?

– How do you set the ground rules for constructive feedback?

– Are there any admin requirements? 

The take-away message

What’s the most important thing to remember when setting up a POP?

What have you learned from previous experiences of POPs?

Do you have any other advice/comments/ideas?

Can you share any useful articles, blog posts, books, templates etc?

If you have other ideas or questions you would like to raise, you can comment below or simply bring them to the chat with you! See you soon, 8.30pm DST.


Any comments?

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